Pendaftaran Beasiswa Panasonic 2009 (Jepang)

Aplikasi beasiswa Panasonic 2009 untuk keberangkatan Akhir Maret 2009 telah dibuka sejak tgl 12 Februari 2008 dan aplikasi online ditutup sampai tanggal 12 Maret 2008.

Eligibility (http://www.panasonicscholarship.com/content/view/6/12/)

A privately financed student from Indonesia, who wishes to pursue a master’s course in Japan, should meet the following requirements:

  1. Nationality:
    Applicants must be citizens of Indonesia (with age 27 years or less).
  2. Educational Background etc:
    • Applicants must be graduates or pending graduates of universities and have a distinguished academic record and must have completed 16 years of school education or have been accepted as eligible for enrollment at the targeted graduate schools. However, applicants must have completed their bachelor degrees no more than 4 years prior to the date of their arrival in Japan.
    • Applicants must be enrolled as research students at universities in Japan in April 2009 and must also be able to take master’s courses by April of 2010 at the latest.
  3. Specialization:
    Applicants must major in any one of the science and technology disciplines.
    Note: This excludes medical science, pharmacology and dentistry
  4. Japanese Language Proficiency:
    Applicants must have adequate proficiency and knowledge in the Japanese language not only for studying at master’s level but also for understanding Japanese culture.
  5. Health Conditions:
    Applicants must be medically fit and must be strongly motivated to study in Japan.
  6. Others:
    • Applicants must be interested in and have the desire to contribute to the development of Indonesia and to promote friendship between Indonesia and Japan.
    • Applicants must obtain a study visa and arrive in Japan one week before the date of the award ceremony to be held at MEI Headquarters at the beginning of April 2009.
    • Applicants who are receiving or will receive other scholarships including Japanese Government Scholarships are not eligible for the Panasonic Scholarship.
    • Applicants who are already enrolled at graduate schools in Japan are not eligible for the Panasonic Scholarship.