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APU provides various scholarships for outstanding students. The following scholarships are targeted for students who will obtain the “College Student” visa before enrollment as described in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.

Level: undergraduate
Study in: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan
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Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Scholarships for Outstanding Students
APU offers outstanding international students various scholarships that can help to reduce the financial burden. These scholarships can be applied for during the application process, and are Tuition Reduction Scholarships. The Tuition Reduction Scholarships are awarded to students for the purpose of supporting the idea of educating international youth so as to promote peace and international understanding. This scholarship lasts for the entire period of your study, as long as the students follow the conditions of maintaining the scholarship. Even after enrolling at APU, the APU Student Office will keep informing you of other scholarships available in the case you would like to apply for them.

APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship
The Tuition Reduction Scholarships range from 30% to 100% reduction. The Tuition Reduction Scholarship is mainly based on the scholarship application essay. Other factors that affect the admissions score can be academic results, language proficiency and your interview results. The results for what percentage of Tuition Reduction you will receive will be announced together with your admissions results.

This scholarship is made available by the financial contributions of domestic and international companies and individuals, with the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) that support the ideals of APU, and its purpose is to help reduce the financial burden for outstanding international students. Students awarded with this scholarship are expected to serve as role models.

The scholarship will remain valid until graduation, provided that the recipient manages to maintain a good academic record and avoid any misconduct unbefitting that of a scholarship recipient. In case of inappropriate behavior or conduct that tarnish the reputation of the university, the scholarship will be revoked. Interested applicants are to submit their scholarship application upon understanding of the above matters.

About APU
With over 100 years of tradition and history, the Ritsumeikan Academy opened APU in April 2000 as Japan’s first genuine international university. The APU campus is a truly multicultural and multilingual environment with nearly half of the student population made up of international students from approximately 90 different countries around the world and an equally diverse faculty. With a mission to develop graduates who can shape the future of the Asia Pacific Region, the University has developed colleges and graduate schools focusing on Asia Pacific Studies with study options towards tackling the complex issues facing the societies and environments of the Asia Pacific region, and International Management providing study options focusing on the dynamic and multinational world of international business. In this vibrant and multicultural campus environment, students and academic staff work together to overcome the barriers of race, religion and culture towards a greater level of mutual understanding.


Eligible for international students. Visit the official APU website for more details.

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Submit your APU Application at https://saiyo.axol.jp/12/st/c/apu/login/

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